National survey of children aged 8-17 years in out-of-home care. The second collection will be held in 2018 (a separate pilot collection was held in in 2015). Data are collected by the state/territory departments responsible for child protection, as part of local case management processes. The dataset includes children's views on various topics, including feelings of safety, participation in decision-making, community connection and activity, family connection and contact, presence of a significant adult in their life, and leaving care.

Collection details
Classification/dimension variables
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Indigenous
  • RA

Temporal coverage 

1/1/2015 to 30/6/2015

Geographical coverage

National and State

Data availability

  • Publications
  • Summary tables published in electronic form

Client specified tables on request which may be subject to data provider approval (charges apply).

Restricted unit record access subject to Ethics Committee approval and/or the agreement of all relevant data custodians in all states and territories (charges may apply).

Data scope 

The dataset includes children aged 8–17 years residing in out-of-home care (including foster care, relative/kinship care, family group homes, residential care and independent living), whose care arrangements had been ordered by the relevant Children’s Court and where the parental responsibility for the child had been transferred to the Minister or Chief Executive, and who had been on a relevant court order for 3 months or more.



Metadata information and data quality statement (DQS)

OOHC national dataset DQS 2015

External links and information

The views of children and young people in out-of-home care: overview of indicator results from a pilot national survey 2015


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