The main purpose of the National Opioid Pharmacotherapy Statistics Annual Data (NOPSAD) collection is to aggregate standardised jurisdictional data on the number of clients accessing pharmacotherapy for the treatment of opioid dependence, the number of prescribers participating in the delivery of pharmacotherapy treatment, and quantitative information about the prescribing sector. As such, national information on pharmacotherapy can be reported.

Collection details
Classification/dimension variables
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Indigenous
  • SA2

Temporal coverage 

from 30/6/2004 to 30/6/2022

Geographical coverage

National and State

Data availability

  • Publications
  • Summary tables published in electronic form
  • Statistics

Client specified tables on request which may be subject to data provider approval (charges apply).

Unit records are not available.

Data scope 

The collection covers the provision of opioid pharmacotherapy treatment, the practitioners who prescribe the treatment, the dosing sites who dispense the pharmacotherapy drugs, and the clients receiving the opioid pharmacotherapy treatment. The following pharmacotherapies are currently recommended for the treatment of opioid dependency:

  • Methadone hydrochlorideMethadone Syrup®
  • Biodone Forte ® 
  • BuprenorphineSubutex® 
  • Buprenorphine/NaloxoneSuboxone®.
  • buprenorphine as long acting injections (Buvidal® and Sublocade®).



Metadata information and data quality statement (DQS)

(METEOR 774516)

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