The PMHJD Working Party provides policy, technical and/or clinical expert advice to support the development and national reporting of perinatal mental health data to the AIHW as part of Bilateral Schedules on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. This work program commenced July 2022 and concludes August 2025, and will support the development of a national collection of perinatal mental health screening data, to be administered by the AIHW.

Terms of reference

The PMHJD Working Party provides:

  1. Advice on data quality issues, solutions and barriers to collecting and reporting perinatal mental health and related data items as part of the of the Perinatal NBEDS
  2. Advice about jurisdictional progress to develop and implement universal perinatal mental health screening, including digital screening, collection, and reporting infrastructure within public health settings
  3. Considers AIHW’s secure data sharing options including the feasibility of establishment-level (hospital) reporting, online reports, and data visualisations to meet information needs
  4. Recommends revisions to the Perinatal NBEDS specifications, if required, and review AIHW’s business case through the National Perinatal Data Development Committee (NPDDC) for endorsement by the National Health Information Data and Information Standards Committee (NHIDISC), to progress mental health and related data items to mandatory collection, once the required data quality is assessed to be nationally consistent.


The PMHJD Working Party consists of a maximum of three representatives from each jurisdiction engaged in Bilateral Schedules. Each member is appointed based on their knowledge and expertise in the field of perinatal mental health - jurisdictional maternity services, policy, health information system development and/or data collection practices. Other experts may be invited to join the PMHJD Working Party or co-opted, as required.

The PMHJD Working Party is chaired by the AIHW.





Tim Harrold

Principal Analyst, Health Surveillance, Centre for Epidemiology and Evidence, NSW Ministry of Health


Nicky Beland

Manager, Child and Family Health, Health and Social Policy Branch, NSW Ministry of Health


Marcia Armstrong

Principal Maternal and Child Health Nurse Advisor, Clinical and Professional Leadership Unit, Safer Care Victoria


Karen McNeil

Senior Project Officer, Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity,  Safe Care Victoria


Hope Deng

Manager, Technical Development Support, Safer Care Victoria


Elisabeth Hoehn

Medical Director, Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health


Esther Taylor

Principal Data Collection Officer, Statistical Services Branch, Queensland Health


Maureen Hutchinson

Principal Data Management Officer, Maternal and Child Health Data Management, Information & System Performance Directorate, Department of Health, WA


Jo Harman

A/Assistant Director, Performance Governance and Corporate Services, WA Mental Health Commission


Belinda Martin

Perinatal Mental Health Project Lead, Community Mental Health and Wellbeing, Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania


Peter Mansfield

Manager, Health Information Unit, Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania


Matthew Wafer

Director, Mental Health Policy and Strategy, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Division, ACT Health


Rosalind Sexton

Information Manager, Population Health Informatics, Epidemiology Section, ACT Health Directorate



Perinatal Business Analyst, Population and Digital Health, NT Department of Health


Timothy Packham

Perinatal Mental Health Project Officer, Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch, NT Health


Secretariat support is provided by the AIHW MPHU.

Contact details for the Secretariat are:

Secretariat, PMHp Jurisdictional Data Working Party
Email: [email protected]