Data dictionary

Under the 7 outcome areas of Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021–2031 (the Strategy) there are a range of measures that will be tracked to see if life gets better for people with disability in Australia. Data are currently available for 55 of the measures. For each of these, this data dictionary provides information about:

  • Attributes – such as who the data are about (the population) and, where applicable, how the reported statistic was calculated (numerator, denominator, computation description)
  • Notes – to help understand what is reported
  • Data source – where the data came from.

Baseline and latest data

Progress under the Strategy is reported by looking at the baseline and latest data for each measure:

  • Baseline data are the information that is available closest to the start of the Strategy (December 2021).
    • For measures collected every year this is likely to be just before the start of the Strategy.
    • For measures collected every few years, like survey data, the baseline may be 2018 or earlier.
    • For measures where the data are being developed, the baseline will be whenever the first set of information is released.
  • Latest data are the most recent information available for a measure.
    • At launch, for most measures the latest data will be the same as the baseline data.
    • Each measure will be updated as soon as new data becomes available.
    • Some measures will be updated yearly or even more frequently, some – like measures derived from surveys – can only be updated every few years due to the frequency with which the surveys are conducted.
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