Data sources

A range of data sources are used to describe mental health services, including, but not limited to:

National Minimum Data Sets (NMDS)

Data sources Section

Mental health establishments NMDS

Expenditure on mental health-related services

Specialised mental health care facilities

Admitted patient care NMDS

Same day admitted mental health-related care

Overnight admitted mental health-related care

Residential mental health care NMDS

Residential mental health care services

Community mental health care NMDS

Community mental health care services
National Best Endeavours Data Set (NBEDS)
Data sources Section

Seclusion and Restraint NBEDS

Restrictive practices

A range of additional data sources held by the AIHW
Data sources Section

Specialist Homelessness Services Collection

Specialist homelessness services

A range of data sources not held by the AIHW
Data sources Section

Medicare Benefits Scheme data

Medicare-subsidised mental health-related services

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme data

Mental health-related prescriptions

More information about these data sources can be found under Our data collections page.