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NHPA functions have moved to the AIHW—an exciting future for local level health reporting

In late 2015, the Government announced its decision to close the National Health Performance Authority (NHPA) from 1 July 2016, with its activities and many of its staff transferring to the AIHW.

AIHW Director and CEO Barry Sandison said it was an exciting time for the Institute.

'AIHW and NPHA have shared a long, productive relationship, with many commonalities, in both our objectives and work.

'But it's not just a case of amalgamating similar organisations. Joining the two agencies' skills and resources presents a great opportunity for more comprehensive whole-of-health-system reporting—and in turn, well-informed decision making,' Mr Sandison said.

The transition expands the AIHW's analysis and reporting functions to include reporting against the COAG-agreed Performance and Accountability Framework (PAF).

'From 1 July, the AIHW significantly expanded its reporting on local level health data—including at the Primary Health Network and individual hospital level,' Mr Sandison said.

'We gain from NHPA's expertise in these areas, and are looking forward to expanding our geospatial analysis, reporting and presentation.'

The AIHW, which originally developed the MyHospitals website, again takes carriage of its management, and of the MyHealthyCommunities website.

In the lead-up to the closure of the NHPA, the AIHW worked closely with Chief Executive Officer, Dr Diane Watson, and her NHPA colleagues to ensure a smooth transition.

'Both agencies have worked hard to ensure there was no disruption to PAF reporting, and that future work remains consistent with the requirements of the nine governments that agreed to the PAF,' Mr Sandison said.

'I'd like to extend my thanks to Dr Watson for her excellent work and support through the process.'

Former NHPA staff who have transferred to AIHW form the new Health Performance and Accountability Framework Group, working in Sydney and Canberra. The Group is headed by Mr Michael Frost who brings a wealth of experience to the role, having held the position of Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives at the NHPA.

'I'm excited for this new chapter for the AIHW, and am very much looking forward to the release of a range of new PAF reporting products through the AIHW, MyHospitals and MyHealthyCommunities websites,' Mr Sandison said.

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