• AIHW Bulletin – September 2023

    From the CEO's desk

    Welcome to the September AIHW Bulletin.

  • Nicola Roxon appointed AIHW Chair

    Former minister for health and ageing, the Hon Nicola Roxon, has been appointed chair of the AIHW board.

  • Australia's health system saves money thanks to physical activity

    Australians participating in sport and physical activity have provided a net positive impact of $321 million to Australia’s health system.

  • The health of Australia's males and females

    CONTENT WARNING: This report contains information some readers may find distressing as it refers to data about suicide and self-harm.

    Australian males and females are living longer, have improved access to health care and overall better quality of life than males and females alive in the early 20th century.

  • Towards an estimate of the prevalence of lymphoedema in Australia

    As the title suggests, AIHW’s latest report, Towards an estimate of the prevalence of lymphoedema in Australia, aims to evaluate the effectiveness of available data sources in determining the number of Australian’s living with lymphoedema.

  • Adoptions over time in Australia

    The AIHW has spent over three decades monitoring the changing landscape of adoptions in Australia through its annual data collection and analyses.

    Today’s release, Adoptions in Australia over time, explores trends in adoptions going back to 1968–69 in the context of broader social, societal, and policy changes that occurred in Australia and internationally.