Secure remote access environment (SRAE) operational update

The SRAE operations team will not be accepting further applications for the use of the system.

The AIHW has recently been through a significant review around the provision of secure environments for AIHW and non-AIHW staff in the context of our broader ICT directions and other developments in whole of government data integration infrastructure.

In November 2022 the AIHW decided to cease supporting the operation of the Secure Remote Access Environment (SRAE) and aim to transition existing projects to alternative secure access environments by the end of June 2023.

The AIHW currently manages data in a range of different secure access environments, each of which serves a distinct and important purpose. We are liaising closely with all SRAE clients to discuss transition options and timing, with the aim to minimise disruption to the important analysis that is currently being done in SRAE.

The AIHW is also working through a range of ICT and ethics issues and considering project requirements in consultation with clients to identify the most appropriate solutions for the future of each project.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the transition of SRAE projects please email: [email protected].

What is SRAE?

SRAE is an AIHW owned and operated secure cloud hosted platform built on top of Amazon Workspaces. This secure environment provides researchers with secure access to data and data custodians with strong governance controls.

SRAE is accessible to users both internal, and external to the AIHW. The platform strives to provide users with remote access functionality from any device whilst having scalability and high-performance capability.

SRAE is a fully functional environment and plans continue to expand its capabilities to include features such as: data cataloguing, curation services, data views, data cubes, researcher support services and much more.