What is SRAE?

SRAE is an AIHW owned and operated secure cloud hosted platform built on top of Amazon Workspaces. This secure environment provides researchers with secure access to data and data custodians with strong governance controls.

SRAE is accessible to users both internal, and external to the AIHW. The platform strives to provide users with remote access functionality from any device whilst having scalability and high-performance capability.

SRAE is a fully functional environment and plans continue to expand its capabilities to include features such as: data cataloging, curation services, data views, data cubes, researcher support services and much more

How does SRAE work?

SRAE is based around a per project framework, with each project is allocated a secure shared workspace. SRAE users are assigned a virtual PC that they can log into and access the shared workspace and work collaboratively to achieve the projects outputs. A variety of software tools such as R, Python and STATA are available on the virtual PC’s.

Data ingress and egress is controlled by forcing data going into an out of the environment through a series of portals where the data can be verified by a data controller before being approved for ingress or egress

The diagram below gives an example of the process.

SRAE process flowchart

For more information on using SRAE for your next project please contact the SRAE support team at [email protected]

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