The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) is releasing data and analysis on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health and welfare issues relevant to Australians. We are also monitoring the impact of the pandemic on the Australian health system.

COVID-19 linked data

The data linkage project will combine COVID-19 case data with a range of other data sets, including hospitals and deaths data.

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Latest findings

Use of mental health services increased during the pandemic, particularly for younger people

Health data are critical for supporting long-term improvements in health and health care for Australians

Comparing the Sep quarter in 2021 to 2020, the medicine group with the largest script increase was anti-infectives (7%)

MBS services and benefits paid increased by 13% and 6% respectively in Sep quarter 2021 compared to Sep quarter 2020

Respiratory infections, and injuries due to falls and road traffic accidents, were lower in 2020 than previous years

There were 8,400 disability-adjusted life years lost in 2020 from COVID-19, 97% of which was fatal burden

The Australian Government Department of Health collates national data about COVID-19 (coronavirus) and other notifiable communicable diseases. Data is being published daily by 9pm AEST, visit Department of Health website.