The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) is releasing data and analysis on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health and welfare issues relevant to Australians. We are also monitoring the impact of the pandemic on the Australian health system.

COVID-19 linked data

The data linkage project will combine COVID-19 case data with a range of other data sets, including hospitals and deaths data.

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Latest findings

Use of mental health services increased during the pandemic, particularly for younger people

COVID-19 death rates were 2.5 times as high for people born overseas as those born in Australia

MBS services and benefits paid increased by 13% and 6% respectively in Sep quarter 2021 compared to Sep quarter 2020

Jun to Sep quarters 2021, GP consults up 9% (suitability for COVID vaccine +194%, microbiology tests on referral +72%)

By 20 June 2021, there had been just over 30,000 cases and 910 deaths from COVID-19 in Australia

Respiratory infections, and injuries due to falls and road traffic accidents, were lower in 2020 than previous years

The Australian Government Department of Health collates national data about COVID-19 (coronavirus) and other notifiable communicable diseases. Data is being published daily by 9pm AEST, visit Department of Health website.