Disability is an umbrella term for any or all of the following components, all of which may also be influenced by environmental and personal factors:

  • impairment—problems in body function or structure
  • activity limitation—difficulties in executing activities
  • participation restriction—problems an individual may experience in involvement in life situations.

More reports and statistics on disability can be found under Disability services.

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Latest findings

48% of working-age (aged 15–64) people with disability are employed, compared with 80% without disability

32% of adults with disability experience high/very high psychological distress, compared with 8% without disability

24% of adults with disability experience very good or excellent health, compared with 65% without disability

Service users were 4.7 times as likely to die before aged 65 compared with the general population

6.3% of service user deaths were caused by perinatal and congenital conditions

5.9% of service user deaths were caused by spinal muscular atrophy