Data strategy

Building better data

Australian Sports Commission and AISThe sport and research community told us that good sports injury data was lacking, but that good national data existed for those severe sports injuries that required hospitalisation or led to a death. Data on the majority of sports and active recreation injuries are missing and this makes it hard to know the number, types and causes of injuries to appreciate the size of the problem and know what to do about it.

The Australian Government and Australian Sports Commission recognised better sports data was needed, and are supporting the AIHW to work with new and existing sports and active recreation data collectors to develop better sports data.

There is a strategy to develop better data.

This includes

  • building a framework to support data collection
  • a data dictionary to guide data collection
  • developing methods to analyse economic and other data
  • publishing multiple sources of sports injury data on the AIHW website.

 For a review of the data landscape, refer to National sports injury data strategy: Draft consultation report.