Alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment services assist people to address their drug use. Treatment objectives can include reduction or cessation of drug use as well as improvements to social and personal functioning. Assistance may also be provided to support the family and friends of people using drugs.

More reports and statistics on AOD treatment services can be found under Alcohol, Illicit use of drugs and Smoking.

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Treatment agencies provided over 237,500 closed treatment episodes to an estimated 139,300 clients aged 10 and over

Early responses of AOD services to COVID-19 impacted treatment types & service delivery in the last quarter of 2019–20

The 4 most common drugs that led clients to seek treatment were alcohol, amphetamines, cannabis and heroin

2 in 3 opioid pharmacotherapy clients were male

53,316 clients received opioid pharmacotherapy treatment nationally

The median age of opioid pharmacotherapy clients was 44 years