Mental health services are health and welfare support services primarily focused on providing care to people with mental health issues. Services are delivered by a range of providers, such as state and territory governments, the Australian Government and the private sector.

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COVID-19 and its impact on mental health service activity.

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1.9% of the Australian population accessed specialised clinical mental health care in 2019-20

462,255 people received state/territory community mental health care in 2019-20

4.4 million people received mental health-related prescriptions in 2019-20

88,338 clients with mental health issues used Specialised Homelessness Services in 2019-20

59,002 same day admitted mental health-related hospitalisations from public hospitals in 2019–20

1,731 specialised mental health facilities provided care in 2019-20

Suicide & self harm monitoring

Statistics on deaths by suicide, intentional self-harm and suicidal behaviour among Australians