The health and welfare workforces deliver diverse services through many private and public organisations. Combined, there are more than 1 million people employed in delivery of health and welfare services in Australia. Some occupations, for example nurses, are represented in both workforces. 

In 2016, responsibility for reporting health workforce information was transferred from the AIHW to the Australian Government Department of Health. For the most recently reported health workforce information, visit the Health Workforce Data website. Prior to this, the AIHW reported data from the NRAS (2011 to 2015 data) and its own Labour Force Surveys (data to 2009)

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In 2015, 2 in 5 employed medical practitioners were women (40.1%)

About 1 in 4 medical practitioners were aged 55 or older (27.2%)

3,210 domestic students commenced medical undergraduate training in 2015

9 in 10 employed nurses and midwives were women (90.3%). Among midwives, almost all were women (98.6%)

About 2 in 5 nurses and midwives were aged 50 and over in 2015 (39.0%). Their average age was 44.4 years

In 2015, there were 360,008 nurses and midwives registered, with 331,015 employed in nursing and midwifery