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Australia's welfare indicators

Australia’s welfare indicators summarise the performance of welfare services, track individual and household determinants of the need for welfare support, and provide insights into the nation’s wellbeing status more broadly. Key results are reported in Australia’s welfare 2019: data insights.


Determinants of wellbeing

Welfare system

Other sectors and contextual factors

Indicators are grouped by domain and sub-domain, or topics. Each topic has one or more indicators which you can explore in an interactive data tool.

This edition has results for 47 indicators presented at a national level, with a focus on trends over time. Results for some indicators are disaggregated by state and territory and other population subgroups, such as sex, age group and income quintile.

International comparisons are also presented for 18 indicators and these are further summarised at International comparisons of welfare data.

For more information on the Australia’s welfare indicator framework, see Australia’s welfare 2015 (chapter 8) and Australia’s welfare 2017 (chapter 9).


Data tables: Data for Australia's welfare indicators (11 September 2019) (807KB XLSX)