Nationally in 2018–19, for clients who sought treatment for their own drug use:

  • around three–quarters (73%) of all diversion clients were male, compared with 63% for non–diversion clients
  • diversion clients were typically younger than non–diversion clients, with over half (52%) of diversion clients aged 10–29 years compared to non-diversion clients where 38% were aged 40 years and over
  • among diversion clients, court clients (67% aged 20–39 years) were somewhat older than police clients (63% aged 10–29 years)
  • just under 1 in 7 (15%) diversion clients were Indigenous Australian, a lower proportion than for non–diversion clients (18%).

The ‘All diversion clients’ dashboard shows the age of diversion clients compared with non-diversion clients. Nationally in 2018–19, over three-quarters of diversion clients (78% of clients) were aged 10–39 year, while 74% of non-diversion clients were aged 20–49 years. Additionally, 1 in 6 non-diversion clients were aged 50 and over, compared to 6% for diversion clients.

The ‘Police & court clients’ dashboard compares the age of clients referred via police and court diversion. Nationally in 2018–19, clients referred via police diversion were more likely to be younger than court diversion clients. Almost 2 in 3 (63%) police diversion clients were aged 10–29, while most (67%) court diversion clients were aged 20–39.

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The dashboard shows sex and Indigenous status of clients by their source of referral (diversion or non-diversion). Nationally in 2018–19, almost three-quarters (73%) of diversion clients were male, compared with 63% of non-diversion clients. Around 1 in 6 (18%) non-diversion clients were Indigenous Australian, compared with 15% of diversion clients.

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