Demographic characteristics

The following data visualisation shows:

  • Closed episodes by age group and main treatment type, 2018–19 (AODTS NMDS 2018–19).
  • Closed episodes where pharmacotherapy was the main treatment by sex, 2018–19 (AODTS NMDS 2018–19).
  • Clients receiving opioid pharmacotherapy treatment by age group, 2019 (NOPSAD collection 2019).
  • Clients receiving pharmacotherapy treatment clients by sex, 2019 (NOPSAD collection 2019).

The AODTS NMDS dashboard shows that most (38%) closed treatment episodes where pharmacotherapy was the main treatment type were for clients aged 30–39. Where pharmacotherapy was the main treatment type, most closed treatment episodes (66%) were also for males. The NOPSAD collection dashboard shows that the proportion of clients receiving methadone was higher for older age groups (5.1% of clients aged under 30, compared to 59% of clients aged 40–59). The proportion of clients receiving buprenorphine and buprenorphine-naloxone was higher for younger clients. The majority (67%) of clients receiving opioid pharmacotherapy were male.

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