Service sector

A mix of government and non-government agencies deliver publicly funded AOD treatment services. Nationally in 2021–22, over two-thirds (68%) of AOD treatment agencies were non-government, and these agencies provided 73% of all treatment episodes. In the decade from 2012–13, the proportion of non-government services has increased from 56% to 68% nationally.

Across most of Australia in 2021–22, the majority of AOD treatment agencies were non-government services, with proportions ranging from 61% in South Australia to 99% in Victoria. The exception was New South Wales, where the majority (61%) of AOD treatment agencies were government services (Figure AGENCIES 1).

In 2021–22, almost 3 in 5 (56%) agencies were located in Major cities. Seven in 10 (70%) agencies located in Major cities were non-government agencies, compared with 63% in 2017–18 (tables Agcy.1, Agcy.3).

Figure AGENCIES 1: Publicly funded AOD treatment agencies by service sector and state or territory, 2012–13 to 2021–22

The horizontal bar chart shows that 68.4% of treatment agencies in Australia were non-government in 2021–22. New South Wales had the highest proportion of government agencies (61.3%), while Victoria had the highest proportion of non-government agencies (99.1%). A filter allows the user to view different years of data.