Table of contents

  • Preliminary material
    • Half title and verso pages
    • Title and verso pages
    • Contents
    • List of tables
    • List of figures
    • Acknowledgments
    • Abbreviations
  • Sections
    1. Introduction
      • Why do we need a national collection?
      • Brief history of the national collection
      • Roles and responsibilities
    2. Scope of the AODTS-NMDS
      • Which agencies?
      • Which clients?
      • Which activities?
    3. What's new for 2006-07?
      • Treatment episodes reported by all jurisdictions
      • Changes to existing data elements-summary
    4. The data elements-in brief
      • Establishment-level data elements
      • Episode (client-level) data elements
      • Supporting data element concepts
    5. Collection procedures and data quality
      • Collation of the national data set
      • Data transfer
      • Data quality
      • AIHW validation checks
    6. Privacy and confidentiality of data
      • Privacy-an introduction
      • Privacy and the AIHW
    7. Data release guidelines for the Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services NMDS
      • Purpose
      • Background
      • Summary of unpublished data access options
      • Requests to AIHW for summarised national data
      • Requests to AIHW for access to unit record data in the national database
      • AIHW charging policy for ad hoc information services
      • Requests to states and territories for summarised or unit record data
      • Other alcohol and other drug data
    8. References
  • End matter
    • Appendixes
      1. IGCD AODTS-NMDS Working Group contact list
      2. Data definition-NHDD extracts
      3. Data element changes
      4. Mapping of Australian Standard Classification of Languages (ASCL)
      5. Notes on Australian Bureau of Statistics classifications
      6. Extracts and information about the Privacy Act 1998