Every two years the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare produces its Australia’s welfare report. We are required to do this by law.

Australia’s welfare 2013 is the 11th report that we have produced in this series, and continues to be the nation’s most comprehensive and authoritative source of facts, figures and related information on welfare services.

It’s essentially about how, and how much, we as a nation look after those of us who for one reason or another are at risk of missing out on the benefits of participating fully in the community and society.

In an ever-changing and developing society, the way we live—and what we expect—means that the welfare services that governments and others provide will also change.

This Australia’s welfare 2013—in brief companion booklet presents a statistical picture of the main trends that affect the demand for welfare services, as well as outlining the main features of, and changes in, the services themselves.

For more detailed information you can always go to the main Australia’s welfare 2013 report. You will find many other welfare-related publications on our website, as well as our health publications— we produce around 150 reports covering health and welfare every year.