Every year in Australia, millions of years of healthy life are lost because of injury, illness or premature deaths in the population. This loss of healthy life is called the ‘burden of disease’. Information on the burden of disease and injuries as well as the contribution of various risk factors to burden is important for monitoring population health and for providing an evidence base to inform health policy and service planning.

  • ISBN: ISBN 978-1-76054-871-1
  • Cat. no: BOD 30
  • Pages: 8
Findings from this report:
  • Remote and Very remote areas combined experienced a burden rate that was 1.4 times as high as that in Major cities

  • 5 million years of healthy life were lost in 2018

  • Australians suffered more burden from living with illness (52% of total burden) than from premature death (48%)

  • Risk factors contributing the most burden were tobacco use and overweight (including obesity)