BreastScreen Australia

What is BreastScreen Australia?

BreastScreen Australia aims to reduce illness and death from breast cancer using screening mammography for early detection of unsuspected breast cancer in women.

Early detection provides an opportunity for early treatment, which can reduce illness and death.

Australian women aged 40 and over are eligible for free mammograms with BreastScreen Australia every 2 years, with women aged 50–74 actively targeted to participate in the program.

This program began in 1991, targeting women aged 50–69. From 1 July 2013, women aged 70–74 were added to the target group. This change was phased in over several years, and fully implemented by 2016–2017.

For the latest monitoring report for BreastScreen Australia that includes BreastScreen data, see the AIHW report BreastScreen Australia monitoring report 2022.

Explore the latest activity and participation data on the following pages:


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