Table of contents

  • Preliminary material (30K PDF)
    • Title page and verso
    • Preface
    • Contributors
    • Contents
    • List of tables
    • List of figures
  • Chapters
    1. Introduction (23K PDF)
      • What is cancer?
      • Cancer surveillance in Australia
      • The National Cancer Statistics Clearing House
      • Structure of this report
    2. Cancer in Australia (575K PDF)
      • General
      • Most common cancers
      • Age and sex differences
      • Alcohol- and smoking-related cancers
      • Cancer rates in the States and Territories 1990-1994
    3. National trends and projections in cancer incidence and mortality (199K PDF)
      • Trends
      • Projections
    4. Incidence and mortality tables (219K PDF)
      • Guide to interpreting incidence and mortality tables
      • Summary tables 1991-1994
      • Tables for selected cancers 1994
  • End matter (92K PDF)
    • Appendixes
      • Appendix A: International Classification of Diseases - Ninth Revision - cancer site - codes and combinations
      • Appendix B: Methods
      • Appendix C: Australian population data
      • Appendix D: Cancer registration in Australia
      • Appendix E: Tables on disk
    • State and Territory Cancer Registries contact list
    • Glossary
    • References
    • Related publications


Data tables for all cancer sites for the years 1991 to 1994 accompany this report. These tables contain age-specific, crude, and age-standardised incidence and mortality rates for males, females and persons for each cancer site. Specific cancer sites may be found by searching the file. For example, use the find command, under the edit menu in Excel, to search for brain. The search will take you to the first incidence of the word brain. Select 'find next' to move to the next table with specific information on brain cancer.

In November 1998, Queensland cancer incidence data for 1991 to 1994 became available. Accordingly, national estimates for each of the years 1991 to 1994 and Queensland-specific estimates for the 5-year period 1990-1994 have been revised, and Queensland-specific estimates for the 5-year periods 1987-1991, 1988-1992 and 1989-1993 have been derived. The revised data can be found in the following files: