Incidence data refers to the number of new cases of cancer diagnosed in a given time period. It does not refer to the number of people newly diagnosed (because one person can be diagnosed with more than one cancer in a year). Cancer incidence data come from the AIHW Australian Cancer Database (ACD) 2015.

Mortality data refer to the number of deaths from cancer in a given time period. Cancer mortality data come from the AIHW National Mortality Database.

For further details on cancer incidence and mortality see Cancer in Australia 2019 and Cancer data in Australia.

For older cancer and incidence data by additional geographic areas see Cancer Incidence and Mortality Across Regions (CIMAR) books.

Data are subject to minor revisions over time.

Data quality statement

A data quality statement for the Australian Cancer Database can be found in the following link:

ACD 2015 Data Quality Statement

The data quality statements for the AIHW National Mortality database can be found on the following ABS internet pages:

For more information on the AIHW NMD see Deaths data at AIHW.