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1 Introduction

1.1 Background

1.2 The Children's Services Program census

1.3 Child care services funded under the Children's Services Program

2 Child care services and their workers

2.1 Services included in the CSP census

2.2 Numbers of child care workers in each type of service

3 Employment conditions in the child care industry

3.1 Employment status of child care workers

3.2 Hours worked by child care workers

3.3 Hourly earnings of paid child care workers

3.4 Federal award rates

3.5 Average child care worker earnings-comparison with other occupations

3.6 Main type of activity performed by child care workers

4 Qualifications, training and experience

4.1 Regulations regarding qualifications

4.2 Child care workers with relevant qualifications

4.3 Type of relevant qualifications held by child care workers

4.4 Workers undertaking in-service training

4.5 Type of relevant in-service training undertaken by child care workers

4.6 Length of service in the child care industry, 1991

5 Staffing of services

5.1 Average staff size of child care facilities

5.2 Staffing of long day care services, 1992

5.3 Supplementary workers for children with additional needs

5.4 Staff with Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or non-English-speaking backgrounds

6 Conclusion


Al.1 CSP census information

A2.1 Comparison of CSP census and Australian Bureau of Statistics data on numbers of child care workers

A3.1 Child care worker classifications used in Federal Awards