Policy framework

The National Framework, endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments in 2009, commits Commonwealth, state and territory governments, collaborating with the community sector, to an ambitious long-term plan to promote and enhance the safety and wellbeing of Australia’s children.

The National Standards for Out-of-Home Care (the National Standards) are a priority under the National Framework 2009–2020. The National Standards have been designed to drive improvements and deliver consistency in the quality of care so that children in out-of-home care have the same opportunities as their peers to reach their potential in life wherever they live in Australia. The National Standards focus on children and young people under 18 whose care arrangements were ordered through the relevant children's court and parental responsibility for the child was transferred to the Minister/Chief Executive.  This will be the last update of the indicator set reported under this framework.

The successor to the National Framework – Safe & Supported: The National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2021–2031 (Safe and Supported) was endorsed by Community Services Ministers and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership Group and released in December 2021.

Safe and Supported is a 10-year whole-of-nation strategy that aims to reduce rates of child abuse and neglect by transforming systems and services that support vulnerable and/or disadvantaged children and families and improve the way governments partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Indicator reporting related to Safe and Supported is currently being developed and is planned for release in 2022.