The National Youth Information Framework (NYIF) data visualisations provide the latest available information on how Australia's young people aged 12–24 are faring. The National Youth Information Framework covers 5 key areas (or tiers), with a total of 38 indicators across 16 sub-domains in this 2015 release. Disaggregations include age, sex and Indigenous status. A quick reference guide illustrating the 38 indicators by sub-domain including the most recent data and trends for each indicator has also been included. The data in these Tableau visualisations, has been converted from a SAS VA format. No changes to the data have been made.

  • Cat. no: WEB 70
Findings from this report:
  • 2.7% of young people aged 12–24 years with severe or profound core activity limitation in 2012

  • 30.2% of Indigenous youth aged 12–17 years had high to very high levels of psychological stress in 2013–14

  • 14.4% prevalence of mental health disorders among young people aged 16–24 years

  • 229.8 per 100,000 of young people aged 12–24 were hospitalised for intentional self-harm in 2013–14