Abbreviations & symbols


ABS                Australian Bureau of Statistics

ACR                albumin/creatinine ratio

ACT                Australian Capital Territory

AHS                Australian Health Survey

AIHW             Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

AKI                 acute kidney injury

APC NMDS    Admitted Patient Care National Minimum Data Set

ASR                age-standardised rate

ASGS              Australian Statistical Geography Standard

BMI                body mass index

CHD               coronary heart disease

CI                   confidence interval

CKD               chronic kidney disease

CVD               cardiovascular disease

DA                  Diabetes Australia

eGFR              estimated glomerular filtration rate

ERP                estimated resident population

Esri                Environmental System Research Institute

GIS                 geographical information software

HbA1c           glycated haemoglobin

HSVD             heart, stroke and vascular disease

ICD-10           International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th revision

ICD-10-AM    International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th revision, Australian Modification

IDDM             insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

IRSD               Index of Relative Socio-economic Disadvantage

LHN               Local Hospital Network

MB                 Mesh Block (ASGS unit)

NDAC            National Aged Care Data Clearinghouse

NDI                National Death Index

NHMD           National Hospital Morbidity Database

NHMS           National Health Measures Survey

NHS               National Health Survey

NIDDM          non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

NMD              National Mortality Database

NMDS           national minimum data set

NNPAS          National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey

NSW              New South Wales

NT                  Northern Territory

PHA               Population Health Area

PHIDU           Public Health Information Development Unit

PHN               Primary Health Network

Qld                Queensland

RBDM            Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages

RR                  rate ratio

SA                  South Australia

SA1                Statistical Area Level 1

SA2                Statistical Area Level 2

Tas                 Tasmania

Vic                  Victoria

WA                 Western Australia


—                  nil or rounded to zero

. .                  not applicable

n.a.               not available

n.p.               not publishable because of small numbers, confidentiality or other concerns about the quality of the data