Most illnesses and deaths in Australia are caused by chronic conditions. Chronic conditions can place a high burden on individuals, their families and carers, and the health system. Once a person is diagnosed with a chronic condition, they are more likely to die prematurely and have a poorer overall quality of life; it is therefore important to reduce the number of Australians developing chronic conditions in the first place.

Continued monitoring of chronic conditions in Australia in a consistent and comparable manner can provide the signposts needed to measure key aspects of chronic condition prevention and management.

The National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions, reporting framework: indicator results report was prepared to accompany the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions: reporting framework which specifies 45 indicators to monitor progress against the 3 Objectives of the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions. The report provides data and interpretive text for each indicator, as well as a high-level summary and interpretation of results against each Objective.