• In 2003 there were an estimated 577 practising hygienists in Australia.
  • Since the 2000 labour force collection there had been a 45% increase in the numbers of practising hygienists.
  • The average age of hygienists is 36.5 years.
  • Only 7.5% of hygienists worked in public sector practice.
  • The average number of hours usually worked per week was 29.4.
  • Nearly two-thirds (63.3%) of hygienists worked part-time (less than 35 hours per week).
  • Just over one-quarter (26.4%) of hygienists reported that they would prefer to work more hours.
  • More than one-third of hygienists (38.4%) worked in more than one practice location.
  • Only 4.4% of hygienists reported that they would 'most likely' not be practising dental hygiene in twelve months time.