Indicators for the Australian National Diabetes Strategy 2016–2020: data update provides an update to baseline data, published by the AIHW in 2018, for the 55 indicators identified in the Diabetes in Australia: focus on the future implementation plan. These indicators aim to inform the evidence base for assessing progress against the seven high-level goals outlined in Australian National Diabetes Strategy 2016–2020. The goals relate to the prevention, early detection, management and care of all forms of diabetes in Australia.

  • Cat. no: CVD 81
Findings from this report:
  • In 2017–18, an estimated 5.4% (or 1 million) Australian adults had type 2 diabetes, based on self-reported data

  • Prevalence of overweight and obesity among Australian adults increased steadily from 50% in 2001 to 67% in 2017–18

  • Incidence rates of type 1 diabetes fluctuated between 12 and 13 cases per 100,000 population, during 2000 to 2018

  • Diabetes death and hospitalisation rates in Remote and very remote areas were twice as high as the rate in Major cities