Table of contents

Summary report


  1. Introduction
  2. Key findings
  3. Findings by disability type
  4. Findings by disability support service types
  5. Conclusion
  6. Glossary

Technical report



  1. Introduction
    • Aims of this reportScoping review

    • Overview of the project and scope

    • Interpreting this report

    • Mortality analysis

  2. Disability service recipients
    • Disability types and groups in the DS NMDS

    • Service types and groups in the DS NMDS

    • Service use by disability group

  3. Mortality
    • Age and sex

    • Type of disability

    • Deaths by service type

    • Premature deaths

  4. Leading causes of death
    • Commonalities between study and general populations

    • Age and sex

    • Type of disability

    • Leading causes by service types

  5. Potentially avoidable deaths
    • Age and sex

    • Type of disability

    • Potentially avoidable deaths by service types

  6. Conclusion

Appendix A: Data sources

  • Disability Services National Minimum Data Set
  • Medicare Consumer Directory
  • National Death Index

Appendix B: Linkage methodology

  • Maintaining privacy
  • Data linkage
  • Data quality checks

Appendix C: Identification of populations

  • Study population
  • General population (comparison population)

Appendix D: Technical notes

  • Caveats of this analysis