Like everyone, people with disability want a high quality of life. To achieve this, they seek access to, and pursue outcomes across, all areas of life, such as education, employment, healthcare, housing and justice.

While many people with disability routinely and actively participate in these areas, some face challenges doing so. This is influenced by factors such as the nature of the opportunities, services and assistance available to them; the accessibility of their environment; and their experiences of discrimination (see Defining disability).

Living with disability in Australia data visualisation.

Summary of key statistics for people with disability on 8 topics, including people with disability, health, housing, education and skills, employment, income and finance, justice and safety, and social support. The reader can select to view statistics related to participation, need for assistance and outcomes. The figure shows 1 in 6 Australians are estimated to have disability, or about 4.4 million people.