5 Sep 2012 - Amendments have been made to statements on pages 58 and 67. 

  • The statement on page 58 which reads: “The beef industry is Australia’s largest agricultural commercial activity, followed by the broadacre (cropping) industry and the dairy industry.” has been amended to: “In terms of the value of food production, meat is the largest agricultural industry, followed by grains and oil seeds, and fruit and vegetables.”
  • The statement on page 67 that reads: “Despite this, smaller farms (such as egg and poultry meat industries that occupy smaller amounts of land) continue to dominate output.” has been amended to: “Despite this, small farms are more common.”

30 Jun 2017 - A correction has been made on page 128. It was previously reported that total municipal food waste “equates to about 261 kilograms of food waste per person per year”. This has been corrected and now states that total municipal food waste “equates to about 361 kilograms of food waster per person per year”.