Table of contents

  • Preliminary material
    • Title page and verso
    • Contents
    • List of tables and figures
  • Sections
    1. Introduction
    2. Health services expenditure and GDP
    3. Funding of health services expenditure
      • Government sector funding of health services
      • Commonwealth Government
      • State and local governments
      • Government funding of public non-psychiatric hospitals
      • Non-government sector funding of health services
      • Funding of health services by health insurance funds
      • Individuals' out-of-pocket expenditure on health services
      • Other non-government sources of health services funding
    4. Health services expenditure by type of expenditure
      • Recurrent health services expenditure
      • Outlays on capital
    5. Health services expenditure per person
    6. Health prices
      • Price of health insurance and health prices
      • Prices of dental services
    7. Technical notes
      • Experimental health expenditure tables, by State and Territory
      • Methods used in producing State and Territory experimental estimates
      • Definitions, sources and notes
      • General
      • Price indexes
      • Revisions of definitions and estimates
      • Recognised public hospitals
      • Public psychiatric hospitals
      • Dental services
      • Research
      • Capital expenditure
      • Abbreviations and symbols used in tables
      • Other notes
    8. Annual health expenditure matrices
    9. References
  • End matter
    • Appendixes
      • Appendix A: Experimental State health expenditure matrices