Other detailed FHBH data

These cubes are based around specific areas of the house. They include a combination of non-critical HLPs and other relevant survey data items. Each cube also contains the data items: remoteness, age of house/major upgrade, number of people per dwelling and program. The counting unit is 'dwellings'.

The cube 'essential services, rooms and facilities' has the non-critical HLP, waste removal (toilet and other). It also has the following survey data items: type of gas, electricity available, water available, rainwater tank, waste water system type, bedrooms, showers, bath tubs, flush toilets, kitchens and laundries.

The cube 'dwelling condition' has the following survey data items: outside walls, inside walls, ceiling and floor.

The cube 'food preparation facilities, animals, pests and allergens' has the following non-critical HLPs: store food; prepare food; cook food; reduce impact of dogs and cats; reduce impact of vermin; reduce impact of flies and mosquitoes; reduce impact of dustmites; and reduce impact of dust.

The cube 'heating and cooling' has the following non-critical HLPs: warm houses in cold conditions; cool houses in hot conditions; affordable heating and cooling; and house economy and efficiency. It also has the following survey data items: minimum winter temperature; maximum summer temperature; type of heating; and type of cooling.