2.01 Housing

This measure reports on housing circumstances for Indigenous Australians, including overcrowding, housing tenure type and homelessness.

Why is it important?

This measure reports on the housing circumstances of Indigenous Australians, including overcrowding (based on the Canadian National Occupancy Standard for Housing Appropriateness), tenure type and homelessness. Housing circumstances affect health and wellbeing (Andersen et al. 2016). There are complex relationships between housing circumstances, health and socioeconomic factors such as education, income and employment (Thomson et al. 2013).

Related measures

Data sources

  • Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey
  • Australian Health Survey
  • Census of Population and Housing
  • General Social Survey
  • National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey
  • National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey
  • National Health Survey
  • Specialist Homelessness Services Collection


  • Andersen MJ, Williamson A, Fernando P, Redman S & Vincent F 2016. There’s a housing crisis going on in Sydney for Aboriginal people: focus group accounts of housing and perceived associations with health. BioMed Central Public Health 16:429.
  • Thomson H, Thomas S, Sellstorm E & Petticrew M 2013. Housing improvements for health and associated socioeconomic outcomes. Cochrane Database Systematic Reviews 2:CD008657.