Table of contents


  1. Introduction
    • Why is ear and hearing health important?
      • What is ear and hearing health
      • Impact of poor ear and hearing health
    • Ear and hearing health in the Northern Territory
      • Australian Government-funded Hearing Health Program in the Northern Territory
      • How do children and young people move through the NT hearing health system?
      • About this report
      • About the data in this report
  2. Service delivery
    • Health education, promotion and prevention
    • Outreach audiology
    • ENT teleotology services.
    • Clinical Nurse Specialist services
  3. Ear conditions and hearing health status
    • Ear conditions
      • Age and sex differences
      • Changes among children and young people who received 2 or more services between 2012 and 2019
      • Ear conditions among CNS service recipients
    • Hearing status
      • Hearing loss
        • Variation by age and sex
        • Hearing loss among children and young people with ear conditions
        • Trends
      • Hearing impairment
        • Variation by age and sex
        • Trends
      • Changes over time in hearing loss and impairment
  4. Demand for ear and hearing health services and other follow-up services
    • Follow-up services required after audiologist visits
    • Follow-up services required after ENT teleotology services
    • Waiting list for audiology services and ENT teleotology services
  5. Regional analysis
    • Hearing Loss
    • Hearing Impairment
    • Ear Conditions
  6. Progress against benchmarks
    • Service delivery
    • Health outcomes—hearing impairment
    • Health outcomes—middle ear conditions

Appendix A: About the Hearing Health Program data collections

  • Data collection, management and reporting
  • Appendix B: Data quality statement.
  • Outreach audiology data collection summary
  • ENT teleotology data collection summary
  • CNS data collection summary
  • Child Health Check Initiative (CHCI) data collections summary

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