The current version of the publication is presented above.

Previous versions that have been updated or corrected are presented below.

  1. To align with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Performance Framework Report 2008, published by the Department Health and Ageing, the order of the following indicators has been changed:
    • 1.15 Perceived health status (was 1.16)
    • 1.16 Social and emotional wellbeing (was 1.18)
    • 1.17 Life expectancy at birth (was 1.15)
    • 1.18 Median age at death (was 1.17)
    There is no change to the information presented in the report except that the table and figure numbers have been changed to reflect the changed numbering of the indicators. (23 March 2009)
  2. The word 'doctor' has been changed to 'doctor/GP outside of Aboriginal medical services (AMS's) and hospitals' or similar where appropriate, indicator 3.15. (20 April 2009)
  3. Indicator 1.17 Life expectancy at birth has been updated. (16 September 2009)
  4. Supplementary tier tables added (4 November 2009)
  5. South Australia supplementary tier tables added (27 November 2009)