Table of contents

The 8 chapters of this report cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction 
  2. The Indigenous population Key points 
    - describes demographic characteristics, household composition and cultural identification
    - includes information about Torres Strait Islander people.
  3. Economic participation, housing and community safety Key points 
    - describes economic participation including education, employment and access to economic resources
    - provides information about housing, homelessness and community safety.
  4. Determinants of health Key points 
    - looks at various factors that influence health including behavioural, biomedical, psychological, and socioeconomic and environmental factors.
  5. Health and disability Key points
    - describes self-assessed health status
    - details the prevalence of major health conditions and provides information on service use for these conditions
    - describes the prevalence of disability.
  6. Life expectancy and mortality Key points 
    - provides details about life expectancy and mortality patterns, including the main causes of death
    - describes overall trends in mortality, as well as for various age groups.
  7. Health and welfare services Key points 
    - details the use of health and welfare services.
  8. Expenditure and workforce Key points 
    - outlines expenditure on health and welfare
    - describes participation in the health and community services workforces.

- Appendix A: Data quality and key data sources
- Appendix B: Methods and technical notes
- Appendix C: Description of selected measures in the 2012–13 Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey
- Appendix D: Disability data