1.07 High blood pressure

This measure reports on the prevalence (self-reported and measured) of high blood pressure (also referred to as hypertension).

Why is it important?

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for stroke, coronary heart disease, heart failure, kidney disease, deteriorating vision and peripheral vascular disease (which leads to leg ulcers and gangrene). Reducing the prevalence of high blood pressure is one of the most important means of reducing serious circulatory diseases, which are the leading cause of death among Indigenous Australians (AHMAC 2017).

Related measures

Data sources

  • Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey
  • Australian Health Survey
  • National Hospital Morbidity Database
  • Family Medicine Research Centre, University of Sydney, BEACH data


  • Australian Health Minister’s Advisory Committee 2017. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Performance Framework 2017 report. Canberra: AHMAC.