Where and when did alcohol-related injuries occur?

About 60% (18,500) of all alcohol-related injury hospitalisations had a place of occurrence listed. Of these, the home was the most common with 12,200 cases (66%), followed by Street or highway (3,100 cases; 17%), then Trade or service areas (1,400; 7.5%) (Figure 9).

Rates of hospitalisations for alcohol-related injuries varied between the sexes (Figure 9):

  • males were 3 times as likely to be hospitalised due to an injury that occurred in street or highway areas as females (18 cases compared to 5.9 cases per 100,000 population respectively), which is consistent with the higher rate of transport-related injury for males
  • males were 2.8 times as likely to be hospitalised at trade or service areas (which include premises that serve alcohol) (8.0 cases compared to 2.9 cases per 100,000 population respectively).

Figure 9: Number and crude rate of alcohol-related injury hospitalisations by place of occurrence and sex, 2019–20

Stacked graph showing that where a specific place of occurrence was noted for the injury, that the most common for alcohol-related injury hospitalisations was the home for both males and females.

For more detailed data, see Data tables A22–23.