Falls compared to other causes of injury

Compared to other types of serious injury for older people, falls are by far the most common (Figure 1). Falls account for 77% of injury hospitalisations among those aged 65 and over and outnumber all other injury causes combined by a ratio of 3:1.

Australians aged 65 and over were 8 times as likely to be hospitalised and 68 times as likely to die from a fall than those aged 15–64 (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Number and rate of hospitalised injuries and deaths by falls and other causes of injury combined, by age group and sex, 2019–20

Bar chart showing that people aged 65 and older have a much higher rate of hospitalised falls than younger adults. The deaths in this bar chart are highest for falls in the 65 and over age group.

For more detailed data, see Data tables C1–4.