30 Nov 2020 - In Table 2.7, the number of injury deaths for Indigenous females aged 5–14 has been amended from 30 to 3.

4 Mar 2020 - In a previous version the age-standardised rates of unintentional transport injury deaths for females for 2012–13 and 2013–14 in Supplementary table SF3.2 were incorrectly reported as 0.0. These have now been amended to 3.3 and 2.9, respectively.

14 Nov 2019 - Updates to the following were made:

  • rates for all persons in supplementary tables SF3.2, SF4.3, SF10.2 and SF11.2
  • all-ages counts and rates in supplementary table SF6.2
  • references to age-standardised rates in the first paragraph of section 10.4 and the caption of Figure 10.1 (replacing references to crude rates).