How does the AIHW maintain security and privacy of information it holds about people?

The AIHW operates under a strict privacy regime which has its basis in section 29 of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Act 1987 (AIHW Act) and the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). For more information, see Privacy of data.

In addition, a range of AIHW policies ensure the security of its data holdings including:

  • multi-layered and extensive privacy protection and disclosure prevention protocols; accredited and secure information and communication technology infrastructure.
  • information security policies that cover privacy, information gathering and receipt; information storage, retention and destruction; information transmission, retrieval and use within the AIHW; conditions applying to data linkage projects; information release and disclosure outside the AIHW; monitoring and audits; and breaches and sanctions.
  • security and business policies relating to physical security; work environment security; building security; use of electrical equipment and information and communication technology systems; data storage security arrangements; information security classification; security risk management policy; business continuity plan; business risk assessment; incident response procedures; and visitor management.
  • a sound governance framework including independent oversight bodies such as the AIHW Ethics Committee.
  • working within legislative requirements.
  • using AIHW data custodians to manage data access and use; executive level clearance of outputs and statistical confidentialisation processes.
  • processes to minimise the risk of identifying an individual in statistical outputs.

Coverage and processing of deaths data

For a more detailed description of the coverage and processing of deaths data, including deaths certified by the coroner, refer to the Explanatory Notes in ABS Causes of death, Australia (ABS Catalogue No. 3303.0), which is available from the ABS website.

Machine readable forms of Excel workbooks

MORT and GRIM data have been extracted in machine readable form and are available on