Explanatory notes

The GRIM books span different years for different causes of death, depending on the data available. GRIM books for some causes of death start at 1907 and they are the only national electronic tabulations of deaths data by cause registered before 1964. Mortality data from 1964 onwards are sourced from the AIHW National Mortality Database and include data up to 2018.

Mortality data

  1. Cause of Death Unit Record File data are provided to the AIHW by the Registries of Births, Deaths and Marriages and the National Coronial Information System (managed by the Victorian Department of Justice) and include cause of death coded by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The data are maintained by the AIHW in the National Mortality Database.
  2. Causes of death are coded by the ABS to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD).       
  3. Deaths are counted according to year of registration of death, not necessarily the year in which the death occurred.        
  4. Deaths registered in 2015 and earlier are based on the final version of cause of death data; deaths registered in 2016 are based on revised version; deaths registered in 2017 and 2018 are based on preliminary versions. Revised and preliminary versions are subject to further revision by the ABS.
  5. Data for 2010 have not been adjusted for the additional deaths arising from outstanding registrations of deaths in Queensland in 2010. For more detail please refer to Technical note 3 in Causes of death, Australia, 2010 (ABS cat. no. 3303.0).   
  6. For more information on the AIHW National Mortality Database see Deaths data at AIHW.
  7. The data quality statements underpinning the AIHW National Mortality Database can be found in the following ABS publications:

Population data   

Australian estimated resident populations are sourced from Australian demographic statistics (ABS cat. no. 3101.0) and Australian historical population statistics (ABS cat. no. 3104.0.65.001).