This report presents a brief history of the development of the Mental Health Intervention Classification (MHIC) that has been designed for use in Australian health-care settings, and details the most recent iteration of the classification scheme.

The rationale for developing a MHIC is to allow collection of mental health intervention information using a standard classification scheme that enables nationally comparable and consistent reporting of trends, patterns and best practice in the provision of mental health services.

Work towards a nationally consistent scheme for mental health interventions for use in Australian health care settings was agreed by the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council National Mental Health Working Group Information Strategy Committee (now known as the Mental Health Information Strategy Subcommittee, or MHISS) in 2005.

The development of a MHIC has been an iterative process, extending over several years, and has been guided by the MHISS.

The first iteration, known as MHIC 06, was developed by the National Centre for Classification in Health in 2006. Following the development of this proposed classification scheme, the MHISS agreed to undertake a reappraisal of the MHIC 06.

As part of the reappraisal, a revised classification scheme was developed, which became known as MHIC 09.

In 2011, the MHIC 09 was piloted at a number of trial sites. After feedback from participating sites, further refinements have been made. This report presents the 2012 revision of the MHIC.