How many models of care are there?

Maternity models of care are classified at a service level, usually within each hospital. Services identify and describe their maternity models of care and each model gets a unique model of care number. Most maternity services with birth facilities in Australia (90%) have at least 1 ‘active’ model of care classified in the MoC NBPDS. These are models of care in use at a maternity service, at 30 April 2021.

There are over 800 maternity models of care currently classified in the MoC NBPDS, however it is important to note that models of care in different locations may be similar with respect to their key characteristics. All models of care can be grouped into 11 major model categories and this means it is possible to report on the range of models of care available to women using common terminology. This information sheet describes each major model category (PDF 203 kB).

Maternity models of care – at a glance

In 2021, around 830 maternity models of care were reported as being in use across Australian maternity services. Most of these (90%) were in public maternity services. Around 44% of maternity services have 1 model of care, one-third (34%) have between 2 and 5 models of care, and 22% have 6 or more models of care. The median number of models is higher in public maternity services (3 models of care), than private maternity services (1 model of care).

Around 2 in 5 models (41%) fall within the major model category of public hospital maternity care. This is followed by midwifery group practice caseload care (15% of models), shared care (15% of models), and private obstetrician (specialist) care (11% of models). The map below shows the number of models of care in use in each state and territory and the 3 most common major model categories these fall under.

Maternity models of care, by jurisdiction, Australia, 2021

The interactive map of Australia shows the total number of maternity models of care in each state and territory and the 3 most common major model categories these fall under. It also shows the range and median number of models of care for both public and private maternity services.