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ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
ACT Australian Capital Territory
AIHW  Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
ASCCSS Australian Standard Classification of Countries for Social Statistics
ASGC   Australian Standard Geographical Classification
ASGS   Australian Statistical Geography Standard
BMI      Body Mass Index
cm        centimetres
CPAP Continuous positive airway pressure therapy

International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Tenth Revision, Australian Modification 

IPPV Intermittent positive-pressure ventilation
IRSD Index of Relative Socioeconomic Disadvantage
kg kilograms
mls mililitres
NPDC   National Perinatal Data Collection
NMDS  National Minimum Data Set
NBEDS National Best Endeavours Data Set
NSW New South Wales
NT Northern Territory
PPH Primary postpartum haemorrhage
PSANZ PDC Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand Perinatal Death Classification
SA South Australia
SA2 Statistical Area Level 2
SACC Standard Australian Classification of Countries
SEIFA Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas
SLA      Statistical Local Areas
Qld Queensland
Tas Tasmania
Vic Victoria
WA Western Australia