Methodology for resource evaluation

This collection of resources is the result of consultation between the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) and an Expert Working Group (EWG). The EWG consisted of midwives, researchers/subject experts, neonatologists, obstetricians and gynaecologists, maternal health carers and consumer representatives.

To identify resources that would be appropriate for inclusion, the AIHW undertook a review of web pages from Australian and international organisations with knowledge and experience on providing advice on psychosocial issues during pregnancy. Examples include clinical and practice guidelines, factsheets, information on support services, blogs, and educational videos. Identified resources were evaluated against criteria assessing their relevance, accuracy, currency, authority and reliability, and tone. Only resources that were deemed to meet a high standard in all of these areas have been included in this collection.

All resources in this collection have been endorsed by the EWG.


The AIHW has taken care in identifying resources that are reliable and accurate, however, it has no control over subsequent changes to the content provided in these links. As such, the AIHW takes no responsibility for resources that may provide misleading or out-dated information. The inclusion of a resource on this website does not represent the AIHW’s endorsement of the content on a website, including third party information and links to referral services. In using this resource, you must exercise you own judgement to determine whether the information provided is suitable for you and the clients you serve. The links included in this resource are not a substitute for independent professional advice and, as such, individuals concerned about their psychosocial health should obtain professional support relevant to their particular circumstances.

The AIHW regularly reviews the resources on this website to order to assess existing content of linked websites and to identify new resources that may be appropriate for inclusion. Should you identify a link on this website to a resource that is no longer available or is out of date, or should you have any suggestions for additional resources suitable for inclusion, please contact us: [email protected].